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Known for its aurora and magnificent winter landscape during Winter!

Countries in the north also have beautiful winter features. Even in this extremely cold winter, you will feel refreshed from watching the aurora dance into the nighttime sky, the sparkly diamond dust phenomenon, and the frosty soft rime.

The temperature in Alaska can go as low as 30°C! Just by looking at this figure makes you tremble; however, with appropriate winter clothing to keep out the cold will definitely keep you warm. A&P Tours provides rental service for winter clothing which is not necessary to use in Japan; this also ensures you that there will be enough space to fill up your suitcase with gifts instead of heavy winter clothing.

This winter, we will be setting up a tour desk in the Sophie Station Hotel in Fairbanks.

A renowned professional photographer Akinobu Yanagi who visits Alaska frequently will introduce day tours of winter landscapes and special locations to observe the aurora at night.

We will notify you as soon as the JAL direct flight schedule for this winter is posted.


Various outdoor activities in the nature of Alaska during Summer !

Alaska is the closest American state to Japan and a direct flight from Japan only takes 6 to 7 hours!

The average temperature in Anchorage is only 18°C during the summer. While retreating from the heat, you can tour the Glaciers, hike through the woods, fish along the lake, go sightseeing around McKinley and return to Anchorage on the same day.

Mount Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America with a summit elevation of 6,190 meters surrounded by Denali National Park and Preserve and the four main wildlife that inhabit this national park include grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and doll sheep.

Katmai National Park and Preserve is known for its brown bears. Brown bears can be seen in July and between the end of August to mid-September; however, this mysterious land can only be accessed by regular commuter flights or water planes.

You can easily challenge Alaska’s famous salmon fishing as well.

At latitude 66 degrees and 33 minutes north is the Arctic Circle! You can choose to take a one-day tour from Fairbanks, cross the Yukon River, and get to the Arctic Circle or a three days two nights tour that goes all the way to the petroleum terminal on Prudhoe Bay facing the Arctic Sea.

The hours of daylight are the longest during June and July; people who enjoy golfing, why not try 4 rounds of golf in one day!


 Autumn in Alaska arrives early!

From the end of August to September is autumn for Alaska; especially for Denali National Park and Preserve, autumn arrives early which begins at the end of August and the most beautiful sight to see would be the red and yellow autumn leaves in the taiga and tundra areas.

As the hours of daylight shorten and the hours of night increases during this season, there is a chance you will be able to catch a glimpse of the spectacular aurora on a sunny day.

The Denali National Park and Preserve tour bus will only run until the 3rd week of September and at the same time, the Alaska railway’s winter time schedule will change. Therefore, the most enjoyable would be glacier sightseeing and the aurora during autumn. As glaciers are one thing you cannot miss, the Kenai Fjords National Park cruise runs until the beginning of October which you can also get a chance to spot sea otters, sea lions and earless seals, as well as orcas and whales.



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